ARCADIAN-IoT at IoT Week 2022

On 23 June, ARCADIAN-IoT, in partnership with ERATOSTHENES, organised the workshop “Identity, trust, and privacy in the intelligent, smart IoT world. Challenges and outcomes” during IoT Week 2022, that took place in Dublin, Ireland.

The Internet and the recent connectivity leap are shaping every aspect of our lives, becoming more intelligent and connected. As IoT evolves, it changes how we interact with the internet and it with us. However, the enormous penetration of IoT into our day-to-day life has created a similarly large attack surface that includes high security and privacy risks. The IoT ecosystem now integrates a broad set of technologies leading profound transformation across a variety of sectors. IoT, alongside AI, and Blockchain, is pushing the boundaries of existing identity, trust and security aspects and brings the need for a new vision and way forward that will shape Europe’s digital future while support recent efforts on the Cybersecurity Act, along with GDPR and the NIS directive, conforming the three main pillars of the EU perspective on cybersecurity.

This workshop showcased how Europe’s Research and Innovation community addresses the issues of identity, trust, security, and privacy for IoT devices and network systems. The way we address these aspects will impact Europe’s collective resilience against cyber threats so that citizens and businesses can fully benefit from trustworthy and reliable services and digital tools.

The workshop was co-organised by ARCADIAN-IoT and ERATOSTHENES projects and hosted other 14 projects.

Presentations at the workshop:


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