You will find in this page the videos relataed to the activity of ARCADIAN-IoT

This is the session on “Intelligent Trust And Identity Management Towards A Secure IoT World – Research Challenges And Outcomes” at Digital Around the World 2021. It includes a presentation of the ARCADIAN-IoT project and the framework for security, privacy and trust it aims to develop.

The Medical IoT domain (use case) has been selected by ARCADIAN-IoT due to the emerging trend to rely on IoT solutions for telemedicine purposes. ARCADIAN-IoT will work in a platform that helps to obtain a more “technology-focused” healthcare system in order to ease the action plans under these situations by making accessible the patient data from everywhere and by providing a decision support system for helping in critical situations.

ARCADIAN-IoT will accelerate the development towards decentralized, transparent and user controllable privacy in three ARCADIAN-IoT Domains (use cases). One of them is “Emergency and vigilance using drones and IoT”, which aims to demonstrate the contribution of the Arcadian-IoT platform to the emergency and vigilance scenarios. This domain of implementation covers trust, security, and privacy challenges.