Privacy and security: the ARCADIAN-IoT’s innovative use of biometric data

We are excited to announce that E-lex, one of the partners in the ARCADIAN-IoT Project, has recently published an article titled “Use of Biometric Data in Research Activity” in the renowned legal journal “Diritto Mercato Tecnologia.” ​ This article delves into the complex and challenging issues surrounding the use of biometric data in research and explores the solutions adopted by ARCADIAN-IoT. ​

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its specific provisions on the processing of biometric data. ​ It also examines the regulations and guidelines set forth by Data Protection Authorities and the European Union regarding the use of biometrics in research activities. ​ Furthermore, the article discusses the legal framework of the Artificial Intelligence Act and its implications for the processing of biometric data within AI technologies. ​

The authors of the article, Giovanni Maria Riccio, Fabiola Iraci Gambazza, Paolo Gentili, Adriana Peduto, and Ginevra Munafò, shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by biometric data in research. ​ They highlight the importance of ensuring compliance with data protection laws, transparency, accountability, and the protection of individuals’ rights and privacy.

This publication is a significant contribution to the ongoing discussions and debates surrounding the use of biometric data in research. ​ It provides valuable insights and guidance for researchers, legal professionals, and policymakers in navigating the legal and ethical complexities associated with biometric data. ​

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