ARCADIAN-IoT Webinar Explores Identity and Trust in the Evolving Landscape of IoT

ARCADIAN-IoT successfully hosted a insightful webinar titled “Identity and Trust in IoT Ecosystems” on February 14, 2024. The event brought together consortium experts  to explore the critical aspects of establishing trust and verifying identities within the ever-expanding internet of things (IoT) landscape.

The webinar commenced with an introduction to the Chain of Trust delivered by Sérgio Figueiredo, the project coordinator of ARCADIAN-IoT. This introductory segment laid the groundwork for the subsequent presentations, which delved deeper into specialized topics.

Following the introduction, Ross Little Armitt from EVIDEN shed light on how Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) can be harnessed to bolster security and trustworthiness in IoT environments. His presentation explored the potential of SSI in empowering individuals, organisations, and even IoT devices to manage their own identities.

Next, João Casal of 1GLOBAL took the virtual stage to explore the crucial role of SIM and cellular networks in facilitating seamless IoT authentication and trust. His insights focused on how these established technologies can be leveraged to ensure secure and reliable communication within the IoT ecosystem.

The webinar concluded with a thought-provoking presentation by Bruno Sousa from the University of Coimbra. Dr. Sousa delved into the mechanisms of Reputation Systems and their potential to foster trust and reliability within the intricate web of interconnected devices that comprise the IoT.

Overall, the ARCADIAN-IoT webinar on “Identity and Trust in IoT Ecosystems” proved to be a valuable platform for professionals, academics, and enthusiasts in the field of IoT to gain comprehensive knowledge about the evolving landscape of trust and security in this rapidly growing domain. The diverse range of topics and the expertise of the speakers offered a unique perspective on the various facets of identity management and trust establishment within the context of the interconnected world of IoT.

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