ARCADIAN-IoT and SENTINEL Symposium Highlights IoT Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Innovations

The ARCADIAN-IoT and SENTINEL projects held a successful Integrated and Automated Approaches for IoT Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance Symposium and Showcase on April 9th, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden. The event, hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, brought together experts to demonstrate the latest innovations in IoT cybersecurity and personal data protection.

The morning session kicked off with insights from Juuso Stenfors of the European Commission on the afterlife of European projects. It then split into two streams – one focused on holistic IoT cybersecurity, and the other on security and data protection for SMEs.

The IoT cybersecurity stream provided an overview of the EU IoT security landscape from Shahid Raza of RISE. Sérgio Figueiredo, coordinator of ARCADIAN-IoT, discussed enabling holistic cybersecurity for IoT. Real-world applications were also highlighted, with presentations on drones for private safety, smart grids, and medical IoT.

In the data privacy stream, the EU data protection landscape and challenges were examined by experts from the SENTINEL project. The SENTINEL project’s one-stop-shop platform for increasing SME cybersecurity and data protection was demonstrated.

After lunch, Eva Fogelström of Ericsson delivered a keynote address. This was followed by a panel discussion on the European research and industry landscape for cybersecurity and data privacy. The panelists included representatives from ARCADIAN-IoT, SENTINEL, Ericsson, E-lex and the SECURED project.

This symposium was a terrific showcase of the cutting-edge work being done to address cybersecurity and data privacy for IoT and SMEs. As IoT is continuing to expand rapidly, so ensuring its security and protecting data is critically important.

Throughout the event, attendees could visit poster exhibitions highlighting the latest innovations. The symposium provided invaluable insights into the current state and future trajectory of IoT cybersecurity and data privacy in Europe.

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