Building the research roadmap


Part of ARCADIAN-IoT’s work focuses on use cases and requirements elicitation towards building the research roadmap for the ARCADIAN-IoT project.

In the first four months, partners defined use cases and addressed requirements elicitation where the framework will be applied/demonstrated – surveillance in smart cities, smart grid monitoring and medical IoT – to understand where each technical component should contribute.

ARCADIAN-IoT partners organized three workshops to analyse each domain’s characteristics and needs in terms of security and privacy for people, devices and services. The first use cases for each domain were suggested by domain owners and, in an iterative approach, are being enhanced with each technical partner expertise. For assuring consistency and articulation between partners, several 1-1 meetings were held. It is expected to have soon a complete set of use cases, to be validated by end-users of each domain (e.g. citizens, patients, doctors, managers of public/private infrastructures and others) and stakeholders (e.g. a telco CSIRT).

As next steps, besides completing the first set of use cases, ARCADIAN-IoT partners have the planning and validation of end-user and stakeholder involvement, and the requirements elicitation according to the use cases defined. Simultaneously, based on the research results, we are building the architecture for ARCADIAN-IoT framework, which will provide a full and detailed overview of the project technical and scientific roadmap.

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