ARCADIAN-IoT Summer School delivers a comprehensive overview of IoT Security

The week-long ARCADIAN-IoT Summer School, hosted from 4th to 8th September, offered participants an in-depth dive into the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) security, providing insights into the latest research, techniques, and challenges in the field.

Initiated by a warm welcome from Alfonso Iacovazzi of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the event set the tone by introducing the ARCADIAN-IoT project, spearheaded by Sérgio Figueiredo of Instituto Pedro Nunes.

One of the standout presentations was by Shahid Raza, also from RISE, who shed light on the evolving feasibility of asymmetric cryptography for IoT. The discourse underscored the importance of automated, lightweight re-certification methods in the face of constant software updates, especially concerning the EU Cybersecurity Act.

João Casal from Truphone elaborated on the increasing role of eSIM and Programmable Networks in IoT cybersecurity, indicating the potential of these technologies in ensuring a more secure digital environment. The trend of cyber threats, both from traditional and emerging technologies, was adeptly addressed by Mauro Conti from the University of Padua, emphasizing the covert and side channels threats.

The Summer School also offered hands-on tutorials like Contiki-NG Cybersecurity, led by Nicolas Tsiftes and Joakim Eriksson from RISE. Participants got hands-on experience with real IoT platforms and the Cooja simulator.

Other highlights included Andrei Sabelfeld’s talk from Chalmers University on the security and privacy of IoT apps. Andreas Kurth from lowRISC delved into the promising realm of open-source silicon for security applications, emphasizing its advantages over proprietary models.

Interactive sessions, such as the Ethical Hacking workshop by Gustav Midéus, Alexios Stournaras, and Erik Mickols, engaged participants in practical hacking scenarios, enhancing the understanding of cybersecurity from an attacker’s perspective.

By the end of the week, participants had traversed a gamut of topics from Lightweight Cryptography with Maria Eichlseder to IoT Protocols for Constrained Networks by Marco Tiloca.

On the final day, Kai Rannenberg from Goethe University Frankfurt provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and considerations for security and privacy in the age of IoT, culminating in a captivating talk by Stewart Kowalski from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on the Socio-Technical Modeling of IoT Security Eco-Systems.

The week concluded with a social dinner, allowing participants and presenters to network and reflect on the plethora of information shared throughout the event.

For professionals and students alike, the ARCADIAN-IoT Summer School offered a rare glimpse into the rapidly evolving world of IoT security, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities and opportunities of this digital frontier.

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