ARCADIAN-IoT takes center stage at the Cybersecurity Cluster Projects meeting

This week, Lisbon was the meeting point for cybersecurity innovation as it hosted the “Cybersecurity Cluster Projects Meeting” from 16th to 17th October 2023 at UNINOVA. This was the meeting of projects from the cybersecurity domain and the aim was to share knowledge and collaborate on the advancement of cybersecurity in Europe. ARCADIAN-IoT was represented by five members of the consortium.

On the inaugural day, the SENTINEL project representatives warmly welcomed attendees, setting a positive and collaborative atmosphere. This ambience was further heightened by an enlightening keynote from Juuso STENFORS, representing the European Commission. The day’s core was a series of presentations from the cybersecurity projects that are part of the cluster. They shared their objectives, challenges, and results.

Day 2 started with a deep dive into “Leveraging synergies for joint cybersecurity solutions”. This session explored collaborative pathways for enhancing Europe’s cybersecurity, from joint dissemination efforts to maximising technical leverage between projects. A particularly vibrant debate on the best methods and activities to exploit project results was a standout moment.

Also on the second day, the attendees split into parallel sessions. One focused on public-oriented joint training sessions, tackling subjects ranging from the integration of blockchain with IoT to ensuring GDPR compliance. The experts from ARCADIAN-IoT, ERATOSTHENES, SECANT and SENTINEL projects shared their invaluable insights in a hybrid event. Simultaneously, another group delved into the upcoming Horizon Europe Calls for 2024, providing a platform for organizations to share and pitch their innovative ideas.

The “Cybersecurity Cluster Projects Meeting” was not just a congregation but a testament to the collaborative spirit driving the future of cybersecurity in Europe. The event underscored the continuous evolution and resilience of the cybersecurity domain.

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