ARCADIAN-IoT – The Second Consortium Meeting

The Second Consortium Meeting of ARCADIAN-IoT was organised online on 9 November 2021 and project partners evaluated the work done so far and made detailed planning for the following months. 

ARCADIAN-IoT – Autonomous Trust, Security and Privacy Management Framework for IoT, a 36‐months project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme started in May 2021. The overall objective of ARCADIAN-IoT is to develop and make available an innovative, advanced, solid framework for trust, security and privacy management for IoT systems. Bringing together researchers, as well as large, medium, and small industrial players, ARCADIAN-IoT aims to target the definition and development of innovative and advanced security and privacy management mechanisms and technologies that can seamlessly be integrated into a variety of contexts and applications.

During the meeting, the consortium partners discussed the work done so far within all the Work packages. All deliverables forecasted for the first six months of the project were prepared and submitted on time and the communication tools and channels for efficient coordination among partners are set and functional. 

Within Work Package 2, which aims to detail the ARCADIAN-IoT research roadmap, the partners defined the domains and use cases specificities, and external stakeholders and end-users are being involved through surveys to define the requirements based on real-world needs, enabling the completion of the use cases by December 2021. Furthermore, a session dedicated to discussing the architecture, and particularly the interfaces between components, took place. 

In Work Packages 3 and 4, which are dedicated to the technological development of the Horizontal (Privacy, Security, Common) and Vertical (Identity, Trust, Recovery) planes of ARCADIAN-IoT framework, the partners had the kick-off meetings in which they agreed to refine investigations of the state of the art for each component in order to start the design and prototyping of the several components forecasted. Work package 5 (Use Cases Implementation, Integration and Validation) will start in M09.  

In Work Package 6 – which covers communication, exploitation, standardization and synergies with other initiatives – all tools and channels for establishing the foundation for communication and dissemination activities were put in place: project website, logos, brand guidelines, social media accounts, newsletters and press releases. At the same time, the work has started to create an overall plan for the standardization contributions that would allow the monitoring of relevant standardization initiatives linked to the project 

Finally, in Work Package 7, which addresses Ethics requirements, the partners established the Ethics board and appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), besides defining the necessary procedures for the involvement of research participants (e.g. informed consent and information sheets for personal data processing).  

Overall, the 2nd Consortium meeting was refreshing for everyone and very useful to reaffirm that ARCADIAN-IoT is on the right path. 

The ARCADIAN-IoT consortium is coordinated by Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in Portugal and relies on multidisciplinary partners with expertise in cybersecurity, IoT systems, encryption, data privacy and recovery mechanisms. The members of the consortium are ATOS IT Solutions and Services  (Spain), E-Lex Studio Legale (Italy), Load Interactive (Portugal), Martel (Switzerland), RGB Medical Devices(Spain), RISE Research Institute of Sweden (Sweden), BOX2M Engineering (Romania), SCNL Truphone (Portugal), Universidad de Navarra (Spain), University of West Scotland (UK), XLAB (Slovenia).

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