ARCADIAN-IoT Webinar Series addresses IoT security challenges

The ARCADIAN-IoT project hosted the first webinar on 9th June. The webinar, titled “Securing IoT Devices: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies,” focused on addressing the complex challenges facing IoT security in today’s connected world.

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) had resulted in an increasing number of vulnerable devices susceptible to cyber-attacks. The ARCADIAN-IoT Webinar Series aimed to bring together experts and stakeholders from the industry to discuss the latest trends, best practices, and technologies for securing IoT devices.

The webinar commenced with a welcome address by Sérgio Figueiredo, the project coordinator of ARCADIAN-IoT. He presented an overview of the ARCADIAN-IoT framework and highlighted the best practices for securing IoT devices. He emphasized the importance of unique credentials, secure private key storage, and firmware and software updates verification in ensuring IoT security.

Vitalina Holubenko from IPN delivered a presentation on the usage of AI for intrusion detection in IoT devices, focusing on behavior monitoring. She discussed the significance of implementing intrusion detection systems and their role in safeguarding IoT devices from attacks.

Han Wang from RISE presented on federated AI for cybersecurity, highlighting the SparSFA framework for model resizing and sharing. Wang explained how federated learning, a distributed machine learning approach, enabled IoT edge devices to collaboratively train models while keeping private data secure.

Alfonso Iacovazzi, also from RISE, shed light on cyber threat intelligence for IoT. He discussed the taxonomy of CTI technologies and presented MISP4IoT, a platform for collecting, processing, and sharing threat intelligence in the IoT ecosystem.

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, allowing participants to engage with the speakers and gain further insights into securing IoT devices.

The ARCADIAN-IoT Webinar Series provide a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, enabling the IoT community to collaborate and address the pressing challenges surrounding IoT security. Stay tuned for the upcoming webinars in the series, which will cover topics such as privacy and data protection in IoT systems, building trust and trustworthiness in IoT ecosystems, and IoT security challenges and solutions in key industry sectors.

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