ARCADIAN-IoT 5th consortium meeting: Collaborative steps towards a more secure IoT ecosystem

From March 22nd to March 24th, 2023, the ARCADIAN-IoT consortium gathered in Rome for its 5th consortium meeting. The event, hosted by E-lex, one of the project partners, facilitated critical discussions, updates, and demonstrations surrounding our ongoing project.

On the first day, following an opening welcome from eLEX and IPN, each Work Package (WP) presented their current status, offering the consortium insights into their progress and next steps. With representatives from the WP leaders providing comprehensive updates on their respective work packages, the meeting kick-started with a profound depth of shared knowledge.

Day two shifted focus towards the implementation status and demonstrations of various ARCADIAN-IoT use cases, segmented by domain. LOAD led the first session of the day with a review of Domain A’s implementation status, followed by RGB, who guided us through the status and demos of Domain C implementation. BOX2M presented the implementation status of Domain B. The day wrapped up with an exploration of the Validation & Evaluation activities, an overview of legal compliance by eLEX, and an outline of integration activities.

The third and final day of the consortium started with a comprehensive session with the Advisory Board, where we recapitulated the project’s objectives and achievements so far. Wrapping up the intense and productive three days, WP leaders noted key takeaways and outlined action points moving forward.

This consortium meeting not only enabled us to discuss, reflect, and strategize, but it also cemented the unity and collaboration of the ARCADIAN-IoT team. We look forward to taking these action points forward, leveraging the shared insights, and driving the project towards achieving its objectives, thereby ensuring a more secure IoT ecosystem.

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